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The May FaithLink is here!

May is Mental Health Month. There is no shortage to the need for conversation around this topic, and the church is one of the many places where discussions about suicide are both prevelant and needed. In this issue of FaithLink, the main story, The Need for Community, features an open conversation with several pastors from our synod, all of whom have grappled with youth or young adult suicides within their congregations & their communities in the past year. This issue of the FaithLink also features an article written by two staff members at Minneapolis Veterans Affairs on steps we can take to prevent suicide. As we move through Mental Health Month, I hope we can all take time to pause on how we can better understand and care for those living with mental illness. Click here to read the May FaithLink (PDF).

Nepal Area Earthquake: How You Can Help

On April 25, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, near its capital city of Kathmandu. More than 7,000 people died, with thousands more injured and displaced, cities & villages razed, and religious temples in ruins. Through the ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response and the Lutheran World Federation, emergency response teams are already in Nepal, coordinating response efforts which include distribution of immediate life-saving supplies such as food and clean water, as well as emergency shelter and medication.

Please include everyone affected by this earthquake in your prayers, and consider a financial contribution through the ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response or through Lutheran World Relief.

Bulletin inserts are available for use in your congregations. Click to download bulletin inserts for Lutheran Disaster Response (PDF) or Lutheran World Relief (PDF).

Bishop Eaton's May Column: "Worship is the heart of all we do"

Bishop Eaton's May column for The Lutheran is here!

"We are church. At the heart of what we do is worship, and at the heart of our worship is the crucified and risen Christ. Everything else we do is formed, nourished, sustained and transformed by our life as a faith community gathered around word and sacrament, abiding in the love of God."

Read Bishop Eaton's full column at The Lutheran.

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