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Bishop Eaton's October Column: "What is 'Lutheran'?"

Bishop Eaton's October column for The Lutheran is here!

"But what is 'Lutheran'? We chuckle at author Garrison Keillor’s loving caricature of Lutherans. He does describe many of us, but not all of us. I would never disavow the western and northern European heritage of thousands of our people. It’s part of our story. But we also have thousands of sisters and brothers of African, Asian, Latino/Latina, Native American, and Arab and Middle Eastern descent, some of whom have been Lutheran for generations."

Read Bishop Eaton's full column at The Lutheran.

The September FaithLink is here!

What did you do this summer? A common question that greets us from friends, colleagues, and family in the days after Labor Day. We list off our travels, yard work we accomplished, how many times we visited the state fair, what our kids did with their time away from school, and, as we’re Minnesotan, we probably talk at length about the weather and how it affected our summer activities. This summer at the synod we....saw more staffing transitions, had an all-staff volunteer day, celebrated Lutheran Night at Target Field! This summer we...sent our youth to Detroit for the youth gathering, hosted six visioning process conversations to craft our new vision statement, and worked hard on planning quality events and conferences for the fall. This FaithLink is a bit of an overview of what we did this summer. You’ll hear about the visioning process and the youth gathering, but also take a look at the calendar page and see all the great events happening around our synod in the coming months, as we begin to plan our autumns. Click here to read the September issue of FaithLink (PDF).

Resources on Race

As Bishop Lull wrote, "I don’t know all the actions we will take as a synod to address racism and cultural prejudice but I want to state clearly my own commitment to entering this opportune time for learning and transformation with the confidence that Christ Jesus will lead me – and you – to even more just and rich ways of interaction and understanding within our congregations and in the communities where we are located."

The synod has been working to gather synodically-recommended resources for our congregations to use in creating task forces, facilitating discussion, and fostering community partnerships around the conversation of race. These resources include books, prayer vigils, hosted conversations & webcasts, and more. A list of these resources can be found on our website here.

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