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The July FaithLink is here!

Summer in Minnesota is fleeting. How many weeks do we get to be outside – in shorts, in nature, in the sun? Not many. But even so, we see packs of kids going to week-long bible camps to sleep in tents or log cabins, to canoe, to sing by the campfire. And we also see kids going to Vacation Bible School, and we see churches planting in their community gardens, and congregations worshipping outside. In these fleeting weeks of summer, outdoor ministry is alive and people are finding sacredness in the outdoors any way that they can. The July issue of FaithLink focuses on the unique ways that our congregations and ministry partners are getting outdoors this summer. Click here to read the July FaithLink (PDF).

Bishop Eaton's July Column: "Unglamorous yet vital"

Bishop Eaton's July column for The Lutheran is here!

"Giving is a spiritual discipline. It’s a way for us to learn to live by faith. It’s a way to participate in God’s generosity and abundance. It’s a way to move beyond ourselves. It’s also a way for us to be connected one to another. Responding to the grace and prodigal love of God expressed in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, our giving is a communal act. Giving isn’t a private thing any more than worship is. It’s part of our life together."

Read Bishop Eaton's full column at The Lutheran.

Nepal Area Earthquake: How You Can Help

On April 25, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, near its capital city of Kathmandu. More than 7,000 people died, with thousands more injured and displaced, cities & villages razed, and religious temples in ruins. Through the ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response and the Lutheran World Federation, emergency response teams are already in Nepal, coordinating response efforts which include distribution of immediate life-saving supplies such as food and clean water, as well as emergency shelter and medication.

Please include everyone affected by this earthquake in your prayers, and consider a financial contribution through the ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response or through Lutheran World Relief.

Bulletin inserts are available for use in your congregations. Click to download bulletin inserts for Lutheran Disaster Response (PDF) or Lutheran World Relief (PDF).

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