BKB Program Team

This private page includes resources and information for Bega Kwa Bega cluster leaders and program coordinators.


Congregation List & Contacts
Access and update current list of SPAS and DIRA companion congregations and contact information. (Cluster Leaders Can Edit)


Financial Reports/Quickbooks
Access financial reports for congregations in your cluster. (Read Only)


Scholarship Student Lists & Reports
Access student lists and a variety of scholarship reports for your cluster. (Read Only)


2018 Scholarship Pledges
Enter pledge amounts to 2018 Scholarship Program for congregations in your cluster. (Data Entry Only)


Update from Iringa
An archive of semi-weekly summaries of what BKB Program coordinators have been up to while serving on our behalf in Iringa.


Readings and Reflections, Maps, and Other Background Material for your information or to use during meetings with your cluster. If you have items you’d like included, send them to Peter (Read Only)