Innovation Coach

Date posted: Friday 02 February 2018

The Riverside Innovation Hub (RIH) at Augsburg University seeks to hire eight full-time Innovation Coaches for a 10-month period beginning August 2018 and concluding May 2019. Innovation Coaches will participate in trainings hosted by Riverside Innovation Hub (RIH) that will equip them to guide two local Christian congregations through an accompanying and listening process in relationship with young adults in their unique contexts. This process will conclude with Innovation Coaches facilitating discernment work with their congregations to create an innovative ministry idea to be submitted for a sub-grant through RIH in the spring 2019. Participating congregations will implement and adapt their innovative ministry ideas, with sub-grant funds, over the following two-year period, after the Innovation Coach role has concluded. More information, including a job description & how to apply, can be found here.