Simple Supper Coordinator

Date posted: Friday 27 October 2017

Simple Suppers at House of Prayer Lutheran Church are a mid-week meal served to those who are participating in Wednesday evening ministry activities. It also is the mid-week meal served during Lent. Five hours/week from September-May is required, with time divided between grocery shopping, food preparation and clean-up. 


Requirements: basic knowledge of food preparation and safety, interest in working with volunteers, ability to coordinate meals, shop for groceries, manage and maintain a budget for grocery shopping, ability to use kitchen equipment such as dishwasher, gas and electric stove tops, and gas and convection ovens, ability to organize and clean the kitchen and dining area, and work with other staff in this ministry venture.


Contact: Monica Dorow, Human Resources Team, House of Prayer Lutheran Church at (612)387-5917 or A complete job description can be found at