BKB Saint Paul Area Synod Office
Email: begakwabega@spas-elca.org
Phone: 651-224-4313


BKB-SPAS Iringa Office
Email: begakwabega@yahoo.com
Phone: 651-705-5569


Cluster Leaders

Cluster leaders serve as the primary point of contact and support for 10 - 12 SPAS congregations. They are volunteers based in the United States who assist congregations with developing deeper connections with their companions in Iringa. To find out who your cluster leader is, visit our companion congregations page.


East Central Cluster

Jim Wolf | jimwolf5708@msn.com | 651-459-8148


North Cluster

Brenda Taylor | brendabearlady@gmail.com


North Central Cluster

Caryn & Jim Josephson | czjosephson@gmail.com


South Cluster

Kristen Holien | kmholien@gmail.com


South Central Cluster

Marty Ericson | ericson@comoparklutheran.org | 651-646-7127


Southeast Cluster

Chris & Linda Becker | Beck1230@comcast.net | 651-552-8224


Other Congregations 

Russ Hilliard | rhilliard@uptonhatfield.com

Jo Whiting | tidewatch9@comcast.net


Synod Staff

The Rev. Peter Harrits – Director of Bega Kwa Bega


Greg Triplett – Finance