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Mission Renewal

Mission Renewal Process

About the process

“What is God calling us to do and be in this time and place?”

The mission renewal process is designed to help congregations have a clearer understanding of what God is calling them to be and do in their specific context, and to begin an ongoing process of discernment, action, and reflection that will move the congregation to engage in this mission. The process consists of six day-long workshops, over 18 months, with assignments to work on in between.

Each congregation is asked to identify a mission renewal team, including a pastor and 4-7 lay leaders, who will attend the workshops and carry out the assignments in their congregations. In between workshops, monthly pastors’ meetings will provide an opportunity for continued reflection and accountability, and congregations will be able to consult with the Assistant to the Bishop who works with their conference, and, when feasible, will partner with a nearby congregation to engage in mutual accountability and support.

Journey of transformational ministry

Congregations are encouraged to embrace the fact that they are embarking on a long, slow, journey of change, one that may well take 5-10 years, but that will hopefully move them into deeper engagement in God’s mission in their context.

Misson Renewal Resources