The Saint Paul Area Synod Assembly is the highest legislative authority in the Saint Paul Area Synod and meets annually to conduct business. Between meetings of the synod assembly, the synod council serves as the board of directors of the synod and the interim legislative authority. Day to day work is carried out through the synod office.


Information about governance at the ELCA churchwide level is available at


Saint Paul Area Synod Council

The Rev. Patricia Lull, Bishop

Carol Hood, Vice President

David Laden, Treasurer

The Rev. Amanda Simons, Secretary

Shirley Zierke, North Conference Representative

Doug Johnson, East Central Conference Representative

Jason Langworthy, South Central Conference Representative

Miriam Peterson, North Central Conference Representative

The Rev. Megan Torgerson, Southeast Conference Representative

The Rev. Walt Lichtenberger, South Conference Representative

Paige Grebin, Youth Representative

Brieanna Trovall, Young Adult Representative

The Rev. Peter Hanson, At-Large Representative

Mark Hollabaugh, At-Large Representative

Xang Her, At-Large Representative



The Rev. Ryan Brodin, North Central Conference Dean

Brenda Olson, South Central Conference Dean

The Rev. Dan Streeper, East Central Conference Dean

The Rev. Amanda Olson de Castillo, Southeast Conference Dean

The Rev. Meredith McGrath, North Conference Dean

The Rev. Walt Lichtenberger, South Conference Dean

Diane Henning, advisor

Sarah Crippen, Esq., advisor

The Rev. Joe Lees, staff, advisor

The Rev. Justin Grimm, staff, advisor

Deacon Krista Lind, staff, advisor

The Rev. Peter Harrits, staff, advisor